Traditional Style Brushes

  • A Flagship product for over 20 years
  • Created at the same time as the first automatic car wash machine
  • Unrivialled longevity
  • Made from high-quality raw nylon
  • 7 Day a week UK based call centre

Traditional Brushes

Created at the same time of the first automatic car wash machines, synthetic bristles remained FAVAGROSSA’s flagship product for over 20 years. They have now been partially put aside for what concerns the washing of cars, but they are still very much used to wash trucks, buses and trains. The bristles are made of high-quality raw material (PE, PP, NYLON, etc.) and are constantly innovated thanks to the research for new and alternative material. The plastic backing have an exclusive design and sturdy structure that makes them extremly long-lasting. The high-quality of the product is also guaranteed by the fact that all productive processes - from extrusion to forming - are carried our by the company itself and that each bristle is assembled by expert operators.

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