Carlite Brushes

  • Structured like no other
  • Reliable & long lasting
  • Closed cell foam structure
  • Cars maintain their original polish
  • International patents

Carlite Brushes

Designed and introduced in 1997, Carlite is also known on the international market as Foambrite, Softecs, Foamtouch. It is very appreciated in the automotive industry and has become really popular thanks to its cleaning capability and the extreme gentleness with which it “caresses” the paint. Patented: Structured like no other worldwide, Carlite is truly unique and it is protected by international patents. Reliable and long lasting: Thanks to its closed cell foam structure, Carlite is waterproof and enables to achieve extraordinary long-lasting results on all types of bodywork. Incredible Performance: Carlite does not transfer on or tarnish paintwork. Cars washed using Carlite® maintain their original polish - a result that will appeal even to the most sceptical clients.

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