F-A.C.E. Brushes

  • Sturdiness and effectiveness of Carlite with the softness of microfibre
  • The biggest car wash brush innovation ever
  • Uses lower rpm (70-80 rpm) & less water
  • Closed cell foam structure
  • Strong &gentle
  • Cars maintain their original polish
  • International patents

F-A.C.E Brushes

F-A.C.E is the latest innovation and was created with the purpose of combining the sturdiness and effectiveness of Carlite with the softness of microfibre. It was developed in collaboration with Alcantara. By combining this micro fibre material with special plastic supports, we have created brushes featuring extremely high performing skills & unmistakable design, with no matches on the world market. F-A.C.E is strong yet gentle and delicate thanks to the carefully selected high-quality closed cell foam. Such technology enables us to protect the polish of the bodywork with the increased cleaning capability. In addition, it works perfectly with lower rpm (70-80 rpm) and uses less water as it is partially retained at the end of the bristles, thus guaranteeing an unequalled cleaning capability.

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